HSE University Anti-Corruption Portal
Main Legislation
  1. Penal Code (Chapter 224 of the 2008 Revised Edition of the Statutes of the Republic of Singapore): Articles 161-165, 168, 169, (English);

  2. Prevention of Corruption Act, Chapter 241 of the 2008 Revised Edition of the Statutes of the Republic of Singapore, (English);

  3. Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits Act), Chapter 65a of the 2008 Revised Edition of the Statutes of the Republic of Singapore, (English).

Anti-Corruption Bodies
  1. Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, (English).

International Cooperation
  • The UN Convention against Corruption was ratified in 2009.
  • The review under the first cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism is completed. The country report is available here.
  • APEC’s member since 1989.
  • Member of the FATF since 1992.
  • Evaluation Report on compliance with the FATF recommendations is available here.
Overall Score:
83 out of 100
5 out of 180
3 out of 141
Overall Score:
0,78 out of 1
17 out of 142
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