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International Cooperation
  • The UN Convention against Corruption was ratified in 2005.
  • The review under the second cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism is completed. The executive summary is available here.
  • GRECO’s member since 1999.
  • The Council of Europe’s Criminal Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2008.
  • The Council of Europe’s Civil Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2008.
  • The fifth evaluation round is completed. The evaluation report is available here.
  • The OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions was ratified in 2000.
  • The country is undergoing Phase 3 evaluation of the implementation of the Convention. The report is available here.
  • G20 Presidency in 2011.
  • The documents adopted under France’s Presidency are available here.
  • Member of the FATF since 1990.
  • Evaluation Report on compliance with the FATF recommendations is available here.
Main Legislation
  1. Penal Code, articles 121.1, 432.11 – 432.14, 433.1 – 433.2, 435.1 – 435.4, 445.1 – 445.4
    (Code pénal: art. 121.1, 432.11 – 432.14, 433.1 – 433.2, 435.1 – 435.4, 445.1 – 445.4), (French);

  2. Law of October 11, 2013 No. 2013-907 «On Transparency of Public Life»
    (Loi n° 2013-907 du 11 octobre 2013 relative à la transparence de la vie publique), (French);

  3. Law of April 20, 2016 No. 2016-483 «On Ethics, Rights and Obligations of Civil Servants»
    (Loi n° 2016-483 du 20 avril 2016 relative à la déontologie et aux droits et obligations des fonctionnaires), (French);

  4. Law of December 9, 2016 No. 2016-1691 «On Transparency, Fight against Corruption and Modernization of Economic Life»
    (Loi n° 2016-1691 du 9 décembre 2016 relative à la transparence, à la lutte contre la corruption et à la modernisation de la vie économique), (French);

  5. Notice on the French Anti-Corruption Agency Guidelines to help Public and Private Sector Entities to Prevent and Detect Bribery, Influence Peddling, Extortion by Public Officials, Illegal Taking of Interest, Misappropriation of Public Funds and Favouritism
    (Recommandations destinées à aider les personnes morales de droit public et de droit privé à prévenir et à détecter les faits de corruption, de trafic d'influence, de concussion, de prise illégale d'intérêts, de détournement de fonds publics et de favoritisme), (French), (English).

Anti-Corruption Bodies
  1. French Anti-Corruption Agency
    (Agence française anticorruption), (French);

  2. National Financial Prosecutor’s Office
    (Parquet national financier), (French);

  3. Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and Financial and Tax Offences
    (Office central de lutte contre la corruption et les infractions financières et fiscales), (French);

  4. High Authority for Transparency in Public Life
    (Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la vie publique), (French/English);

  5. Paris Prosecutor’s Office
    (Parquet de Paris), (French).


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