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Comparison of countries
Overall Score:
35 out of 100
106 out of 180
Overall Score:
55 out of 100
Overall Score:
0,5 out of 1
78 out of 128
Overall Score:
127 out of 150
6 out of 128
Overall Score:
6,48 out of 10
61 out of 117
Overall Score:
73 out of 100
20 out of 180
7 out of 133
Overall Score:
0,78 out of 1
15 out of 128
Overall Score:
62 out of 100
Overall Score:
76 out of 150
82 out of 128
Overall Score:
8,34 out of 10
19 out of 117
International Cooperation
  • The UN Convention against Corruption was ratified in 2006.
  • The review under the first cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism is completed. The country report is available here.
  • GRECO’s member since 2001.
  • The Council of Europe’s Criminal Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2001.
  • The Council of Europe’s Civil Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2000.
  • The fourth evaluation round is completed. The evaluation report is available here.
  • The Agreement for the Establishment of the International Anti-Corruption Academy as an International Organization was ratified in 2011.
  • The UN Convention against Corruption was accepted in 2017.
  • The OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions was ratified in 1998.
  • The country is undergoing Phase 4 evaluation of the implementation of the Convention. The report is available here.
  • G20 Presidency in 2019.
  • The documents adopted under Japan’s Presidency are available here.
  • APEC’s member since 1989.
  • Member of the FATF since 1990.
  • Evaluation Report on compliance with the FATF recommendations is available here.
Main Legislation
  1. Criminal Code, articles 164-164/b, 244, 244/a, 245, 245/1, 248, 257, 257/а, 258, 287, 287/b, 259, 259/a, 312, 319-319/e and 328
    (Kodi penal, Nenet 164-164/b, 244, 244/a, 245, 245/1, 248, 257, 257/а, 258, 287, 287/b, 259, 259/a, 312, 319-319/e, 328), (Albanian), (English);
  2. Law No. 9049 of April 10, 2003 “On the Declaration of and Control over the Assets and Financial Obligations of Elected Persons and Other Public Officials”
    (Ligj Nr.9049, datë 10.4.2003 Për deklarimin dhe kontrollin e pasurive, të detyrimeve financiare të të zgjedhurve dhe të disa nëpunësve publikë), (Albanian);
  3. Law No. 9131 of September 8, 2003 “On the Rules of Ethics in Public Administration”
    (Ligj Nr.9131, datë 8.9.2003 Per rregullat e etikes ne administraten publike), (Albanian), (English);
  4. Law No. 9367 of April 7, 2005 “On the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in the Exercise of Public Functions”
    (Ligj Nr. 9367, datë 7.04.2005, Për parandalimin e konfliktit të interesave në ushtrimin e funksioneve publike),(Albanian), (English);
  5. Law No. 152/2013 of October 1, 2013 “On Civil Service”
    (Ligj Nr.152/2013, datë 1.10.2013 Për nëpunësin civil), (Albanian);
  6. Law No. 44/2015 of 30 April 2015 “Code of Administrative Procedures of the Republic of Albania”
    (Ligj Nr. 44/2015, datë 30.4.2015 Kodi i procedurave administrative i Republikës së Shqipërisë), (Albanian);
  7. Law No. 138/2015 of December 17, 2015 “On Ensuring the Immunity of Elected or Appointed Individuals or Individuals Holding Public Positions”
    (Ligj Nr. 138/2015, datë 17.12.2015 Për garantimin e integritetit të personave që zgjidhen, emërohen ose ushtrojnë funksione publike), (Albanian);
  8. Law No. 95/2016 of October 6, 2016 “On the Organization and Functioning of Authorities for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime”
    (Ligj Nr. 95/2016 Për organizimin dhe funksionimin e institucioneve për të luftuar korrupsionin dhe krimin e organizuar), (Albanian).
  1. Penal Code, Chapter 25 “Crimes of Corruption”, (Japanese/English);

  2. National Public Service Act No. 120 of October 21, 1947, along with Code of Ethics (Japanese/English);

  3. National Public Service Ethics Act No. 129 of August 13, 1999, (Japanese/English);

  4. Whistleblower Protection Act No. 122 of 2004, (Japanese/English)

  5. National Public Service Ethics Code, Cabinet Order No. 101 of March 28, 2000 (Japanese/English)

Anti-Corruption Bodies
  1. Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Albania
    (Ministria e Drejtësisë), (Albanian);
  2. General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Albania
    (Prokuroria e Përgjithshme), (Albanian).
  1. Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office of Japan
    (最高検察庁), (Japanese).

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