HSE University Anti-Corruption Portal
Updates of the Anti-Corruption Portal

The section containing publications has been updated, new publications on anti-corruption in procurement have been added, and a database of OECD documents has been released on the portal.

In particular, the list of academic research works has been supplemented by over 100 publications of 2021-2022 in foreign languages and over 550 academic articles and books of 2020-2022 in Russian. A new topic focused on the fight against corruption in public procurement has been added to the publications section, and information about 288 works of 2016-2022 that address the relevant issues in the Russian and foreign languages has been incorporated.

Additionally, the consolidation of anti-corruption documents of international organisations has continued. The Anti-Corruption Centre of the Higher School of Economics University has already published a database of the relevant UN documents. Now, the portal contains information about the OECD documents and publications, analysed and grouped into 19 topics as well as by the type of document. In total, the section containing documents of international organisations provides information on 332 papers, which is the biggest and fullest collection of this kind of information in the Russian language.

Conflict of interest
Corruption whistleblowers
Corruption measurement
Corruption in sport
Illicit enrichment
Asset disclosure
Education and enlightenment
Asset recovery
Corruption in public procurement
International cooperation
Anti-corruption authorities
Standards of conduct
Foreign bribery
Criminal prosecution

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