HSE University Anti-Corruption Portal
Updates of the Anti-Corruption Portal: Compliance

We have updated the section of this Portal containing publications and added new links to the websites about anti-corruption in the business sector.

In particular, the information about over 125 articles in foreign languages released in the second half of 2020-2021 has been added to the list of publications in the Publications section. Most publications have been added to the Compliance section centered on the introduction of a set of corruption prevention measures in organisations as well as on the analysis of enforced legal norms providing for the liability of organisations for corruption and the need to adopt compliance programmes.

The Websites section containing links to external resources regarding anti-corruption, which are interesting and useful from our point of view, has been supplemented by the information about websites and blogs with various analytical materials related to corruption prevention in the organisations of the private sector, content and enforcement of extraterritorial anti-corruption legislation (the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act), and reviews of anti-corruption legislation of different countries. A subsection on the websites of private corporations which provide open access to various materials on anti-corruption in the business sector has also been created*.

*The references to any companies that offer paid services are not published for advertisement purposes and are provided solely for the purpose of information about interesting/useful free materials on anti-corruption released by these companies.


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