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IACA Has Released Two New Free Online Courses

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) has released the courses on corporate liability for corruption and on corruption whistleblowing developed with the participation of experts from the Anti-Corruption Centre of the Higher School of Economics University.

The course on corporate liability for corruption is available in Russian and English.

It covers:

  • models of corporate liability for corruption in different countries;
  • elements of a corporate corruption offence: unlawful acts of employees and other related persons, and failure of organisations to take anti-corruption measures;
  • sanctions imposed on organisations;
  • resolution of corporate corruption cases.

The course is supplemented by practical examples of legal regulation and law enforcement from over 50 different countries.

The course on how to build a whistleblowing system to counter corruption is also available in the Russian and English languages.

It considers:

  • different elements of reporting procedures, such as: who can be a whistleblower; is disclosure of an offence a right or a duty; the reporting of what information can be considered as a disclosure; in what form a disclosure should take place; what channels whistleblowers can use to report an offence; what is the procedure for processing tips and taking corrective action;
  • protection systems and forms of protection of whistleblowers;
  • related issues, including awareness-raising and training, monitoring of functioning of reporting systems and the role of NGOs.

In spite of the fact that the course is focused on whistleblowing systems established at the domestic level for the employees of public bodies and organisations, some basic principles of implementation and specific organisational decisions used in this sector, can be equally applicable to the organisations of the private sector.

The course is supplemented by practical examples drawn from the legislation and law enforcement practice of almost 40 countries.

It should be highlighted that the courses are not aimed at developing uniform guidelines on how to create a corporate liability framework or build a whistleblowing system at the domestic level. However, enhanced knowledge of the regulatory regimes, standard approaches and practical examples concerning their implementation, strengths and shortages of different legal solutions, covered by the courses, can be quite useful for those who are responsible for drafting relevant legal norms and defining the modalities of their enforcement.

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