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Brazil Launches Network to Strengthen Integrity in Business Sector

Brazil has launched the National Network for Promoting Private Integrity (Rede Nacional de Promoção da Integridade Privada, hereinafter, the Network) under the leadership of the Comptroller General of the Union (Controladoria-Geral da União).

The Network is established to ensure the enforcement of Law of 1 August 2013 No. 12.846 “On Clean Company” (Lei №12.846 de 1º de Agosto de 2013 da Empresa Limpa, hereinafter, the Law)* by:

  • Putting regional legal acts in line with the provisions of the Law and the procedure for its enforcement;
  • Creating an environment for joint learning, exchange of experience and capacity-building, in particular, by implementing awareness-raising and training initiatives for public officials, employees of commercial organisations etc.;
  • Promoting cooperation among the participants of the Network also with a view to facilitating the conclusion of leniency agreements within the competence of different regions of the country;
  • Standardizing the rules of evaluation of compliance programmes;
  • Organising joint events to promote integrity;
  • Excluding the possibility for holding companies liable twice for the same offences etc.

The Network will initially include the Comptroller General of the Union and the comptrollers of states, federal district, municipalities and districts: upon its establishment, the comptrollers of 19 states and 13 municipalities joined the Network. Representatives of other bodies and organisations can subsequently join the Network with their participation being voluntary.

Legal acts regulating its functioning and procedure for accession will be drafted and adopted shortly, as it was highlighted in the event dedicated to the launch of the Network.

*The Law “On Clean Company” introduces objective administrative and civil liability for legal persons for inflicting damage on national or foreign bodies of public administration (further detail on the offences for which organisations can be held liable under the Law can be found in our infographics), defines the sanctions applicable to organisations and contains provisions on the possibility to conclude leniency agreements with companies.


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