HSE University Anti-Corruption Portal
Comparison of countries
International Cooperation
  • The UN Convention against Corruption was ratified in 2005.
  • The review under the first cycle of the Implementation Review Mechanism is completed. The executive summary is available here.
  • GRECO’s member since 2011.
  • The Council of Europe’s Criminal Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2007.
  • The Council of Europe’s Civil Law Convention on Corruption was ratified in 2006.
  • The fourth evaluation round is completed. The status of the evaluation report is confidential. The summary is available here.
Main Legislation
  1. Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus, Chapter 34 Article 396, Chapter 35 Articles 424-433,
    (Уголовный Кодекс Республики Беларусь (Глава 34 Статья 396, Глава 35 Статьи 424-433)​)
  2. Law of the Republic of Belarus of July 15, 2015 No. 305-3 “On Combating Corruption”,
    (Закон Республики Беларусь «О борьбе с коррупцией» от 15 июля 2015 года № 305-3), (Russian);  
  3. Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of February 5, 2016 No. 101 “On Award and Other Compensations to Natural Persons Facilitating the Detection of Corruption”,
    (Постановление Совета Министров Республики Беларусь от 5 февраля 2016 года № 101 «О выплате вознаграждения и других выплат физическому лицу, способствующему выявлению коррупции»), (Russian);
  4. Decree of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Belarus, Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus of December 30, 2014 No. 30/1257/2/260 “On the Approval of Criteria for the Evaluation of Activities of Public Bodies and Other Organizations in Countering Corruption and Economic Offences”,
    (Постановление Генеральной прокуратуры Республики Беларусь, Совета Министров Республики Беларусь, Комитета государственного контроля Республики Беларусь, Следственного комитета Республики Беларусь от 30 декабря 2014 года № 30/1257/2/260 «Об утверждении критериев оценки деятельности государственных органов и иных организаций по борьбе с коррупцией и экономическими правонарушениями»), (Russian).  
Anti-Corruption Bodies
  1. General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Belarus, (Russian), (English).

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