HSE University Anti-Corruption Portal
Updates of the Anti-Corruption Portal: Corruption Movies Database

Our portal now contains a database of movies and series on corruption and the fight against it.

The database contains feature films* from different countries, including those based on real events.

The database has general information on every movie/series: the title in the original language, year of release, director's name, production country and description of the plot. As regards the films/series based on real events, brief information on those events is provided as well.

The movies in the database can be filtered by type (film or series), language and production country.

The database is available in the Resources section that also contains the databases of academic publications on anti-corruption (Publications), useful external resources (Web Sites) and documents of international organisations that address different anti-corruption aspects (International Organisations Documents).

The movies database, as the other databases, will be regularly updated and gradually enriched by the movies and series that have not been incorporated in it yet.

*The documentaries on corruption investigations have not been included in the database at this stage.

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