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Russia to Have a Comprehensive Information System for Controlling Compliance with Anti-Corruption Restrictions, Prohibitions and Obligations

Russia has adopted an act establishing the procedure of functioning of the State information system for countering corruption “Poseidon”.

Russia had a similar system before, but it was designed to verify the declarations of income, expenses, property and property-related obligations (hereinafter, the declaration) submitted to the Anti-Corruption Department of the Executive Office of the President of the Russian Federation. The functions of the system have grown and achieved the level where it is possible to expand the area of application of “Poseidon”. The adoption of Decree of 25 April 2022 No. 232 “On the State Information System for Countering Corruption “Poseidon” and Amendments to Certain Acts of the Presidents of the Russian Federation” is aimed at officially assigning new functions to the system. They will now considerably increase and serve the prevention of corruption and other offences in public bodies and organisations, including the verification of compliance with anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and obligations, automated filling and storing of declarations, creation of statistical and information and analytical materials, activities of the commissions on compliance with the requirements for professional conduct and conflict-of-interest management etc. The key element of the functioning of the system is the access to data: the longer the list of objectives set for “Poseidon” will be the more diverse information will be required for its efficient functioning.

The Anti-Corruption Department of the Executive Office of the President of the Russian Federation will be the coordinator of the system, the Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation will be its operator, while the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation will provide guidance and advice on the usage of “Poseidon”.

Besides the module “Spravki BK” for submitting declarations, the system will include:

  • the hardware-software complex of the central segment of the “Poseidon” system;
  • the multi-purpose hardware-software complex “Poseidon-R” used for supporting the work with the hardware-software complex of the central segment of the “Poseidon” system.

The information necessary for making the system operational will be provided by:

  • federal State bodies;
  • State bodies of the regions of the Russian Federation;
  • public bodies and bodies of the territorial election commission of the federal territory “Sirius”;
  • the Bank of Russia;
  • State corporations (companies), public companies;
  • State extra-budgetary funds;
  • other organisations and persons defined by the coordinator of the system in the event that:
  • internal and external users of “Poseidon” make requests in conducting analysis and verifications of compliance with anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and obligations;
  • information with “Poseidon” is exchanged in line with an agreement concluded with its coordinator and with the participation of the operator of the system.

Furthermore, the system is supposed to be integrated with different State databases (for example, with those that contain information on the owners of property, operations with property, founders and heads of organisations etc.) from which it will be able to extract directly various data and use them both for the preliminary filling of declarations and the detection of indicators of non-compliance with anti-corruption restrictions, prohibitions and obligations. The procedure of interaction of the “Poseidon” system with other databases has not been defined yet, but, as per the Decree, it will have been established within three months.

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