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Information Technologies and Anti-Corruption Education: 4th Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium Launched in the United States

The 4th Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium is launched in Atlanta (US) on the International Anti-Corruption Day.

The Symposium is organised every two years in the run up to the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption (CoSP) with the aim to exchange knowledge and good practices in the academic field.

The event sees the participation of anti-corruption researchers and experts, in particular, of members of the UNODC Anti-Corruption Academic Network.

The employment of technological innovations and artificial intelligence in the fight against corruption that is becoming ever more acute in the current realities is one of the main topics of the Symposium.

For reference.

Taking into account the importance and prospects of employment of information technologies in the prevention of and the fight against corruption, the Anti-Corruption Centre of the Higher School of Economics University (hereinafter, the Centre) developed the Electronic Assistant to Detect Conflicts of Interest this year.

This tool is based on the information on key indicators of an ethically controversial situation that the user inserts in the system by responding to questions and allows for:

  • Presuming if there are any indicators of a conflict of interest in a given situation;
  • Suggesting measures on how to prevent or manage a conflict of interest and/or other corrective action appropriate in a given situation;
  • Recommend relevant case law examples.

The team of the Centre hopes that the Electronic Assistant will help both servants (employees) and the officers responsible for corruption prevention in bodies (organisations) to more promptly and with minimal errors to interpret situations from the point of view of such complex a notion as “a conflict of interest” is and to consequently improve the quality of decisions taken by commissions on ethical conduct and conflict-of-interest management concerning the presence or absence of conflicts of interest and reduce the burden on anti-corruption divisions.

Additionally, the two-day Symposium will address such topics as:

  • The role of non-state actors in promoting the United Nations Convention against Corruption the 20th anniversary of which is celebrated this year;
  • Corruption and organised crime;
  • Corruption measurement – approaches to gathering data and statistics on corruption;
  • Corruption in the healthcare system;
  • Corruption and education – how to assess and measure the impact of anti-corruption training.
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