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IACA Launches an Online Course on Anti-Corruption Asset Disclosure

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) has released an online course on asset disclosure.

The course entitled “Using Asset Disclosure to Detect Indicators of Corruption” was prepared with the participation of experts of the Anti-Corruption Centre of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics and covers different approaches towards the organisation of anti-corruption declaration systems.

The course is available in Russian and English; its development was funded by the contribution of the Russian Federation to the IACA budget, thus the version in Russian is free of charge.  

The course consists of five thematic areas. The introduction is focused on the main objectives of anticorruption declaration systems and general approaches at the national level towards the incorporation of the relevant obligation in the law. Part 1 is about the content of asset declarations, Part 2 is devoted to the submission of declarations (including the persons required to file declarations, modalities and frequency of their submission) and their publication, Part 3 addresses the verification and analysis of declarations, and Part 4 is centred on the infrastructure necessary for the functioning of the declaration system (establishment of a system of competent bodies/divisions, development of guidance, employment of information technologies).

The course covers key issues for most elements of the anti-corruption declaration system that should be addressed by the legislator before introducing respective provisions in legal acts. Moreover, theoretical propositions about how to formulate a certain provision are supplemented by practical examples of relevant provisions incorporated in the legislation of different foreign countries. In a number of cases pros and cons of some of these approaches are also discussed (for instance, the arguments for and against disclosure of unregistered property). 

The course is self-paced. Each part is followed by a test to evaluate the learning progress. The IACA certificate is awarded upon completion of the course. 

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